Security glazing tape

Our high security PVC glazing tape is closed cell, compressible, high density PVC coated with pressure sensitive moisture resistant solvent acrylic adhesive protected by a siliconised paper liner approved to BS 7950 (1997).

We offer a range of thicknesses & widths. The width should match the rebate/upstand height. Always ensure a clean & dry surface with the tape aligned to the top of the rebate without being stretched. Butt or mitre corners & immediately prior to glazing remove the protective siliconised release paper. Our security PVC glazing tape is recommended to be used under 20% compression in order to maintain a water tight seal.

It is suited for bonding difficult and dissimilar surfaces including metals, wood, UPVC and many plastics. The foam construction provides excellent conformability and is therefore ideal for rough, uneven and structured surfaces.

Colours available: Black and white

Sizes available:  Width as required and a thickness of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm



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Georgian bar tape

A high tack acrylic adhesive tape offering a good balance of peel & shear performance with excellent environmental resistance. The product has been designed for both internal & external applications.

The foam is a high quality Polyolefin with a high degree of colour stability & excellent key to the adhesive surface. The thickness & density range has been chosen to offer a conformable product for uneven, irregular or contoured materials.

The acrylic adhesive has good weathering & chemical resistance properties.

Colours available:  Black & white

Sizes available: 1mm 1.6mm and 2mm thickness protected by a siliconised paper liner in a range of widths



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Dry Glazing tape

The dry glazing is made of a high quality closed cell EPDM rubber.  It is self-adhesive on one side with a non-stretch reinforcing with in its construction.

Resists UV light, ozone, oxidisation and temperature changes and is ideal for internal and external applications

Colours available: Black, White, and brown in some sizes

Sizes available:  2 x 8mm, 3 x 9mm, 4 x 9mm, 5 x 10mm



For Abacus Agent use only

PE Security tape

PE security tape as a closed cell double sided foam tape used to provide high security glazing of externally beaded windows and doors

A cost effective method of externally beading windows and doors

The PE (Polyurethane) securely bonds the glass unit into the frame making removal from outside virtually impossible

Colours available:  Black and white

Sizes available: Thickness 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and width as required



For Abacus Agent use only


Compriband Super is designed for use internally or externally for the linear sealing of movement joints in a wide variety of construction and civil engineering applications, for example in brick and block work walls, partitions, as a perimeter seal around window and door frames, sealing pre-cast concrete panels, sectional buildings and insulated cladding panels.

Compriband Super is an acrylic impregnated foam sealant strip which when used under compression by approximately 80% provides a high performance weatherseal (>600 Pa). The product is supplied in roll form pre-compressed and ready for immediate use with a self-adhesive backing. After positioning, the material expands to find its own level and creates a permanent elastic seal. The product remains flexible throughout its life and responds to continual expansion and contraction cycles caused by thermal and structural movement.

Colours available: Anthracite

Sizes available: 10/2, 10/3, 15/4, 15/5, 15/6, 20/8, 25/10, 30/12

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For Abacus Agent use only


Flexistrip is the market leading load bearing security glazing tape, and is ideal for factory glaziers, site glaziers, and specifiers.

It can be used for installing single glass, laminated glass and double glazed units into timber windows and doors, installing double glazed units and single glass into steel windows.  It can also be used for installing glass as part of the Hodgson glazing system B6, D3 and R1.

Colours available: off white, mahogany, black

Sizes available: 9 x 2.5mm, 12 x 2.5mm, 15 x 2.5mm, 9 x 3mm

Roll Lengths 15m, 19m , or 30m depending on the size



For Abacus Agent use only

Single sided tape

Single sides PVC foam tape can be used either uncompressed, as an acoustic or dust seal, or at 30% compressed it can be used as an air or weather seal
Excellent insulation performance against shock, vibration and movement. When under compression (30%) provides an effective weather seal against wind and rain.

Colours available: black and white in limited sizes

Sizes available: Thickness 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and width as required



For Abacus Agent use only

F.A.T Tape (Foamed Acrylic Tape)

This tape has an exceptional instant bond and can be used without mechanical fixings.  Acrylic tape is naturally tacky and is capable of forming structured bonds between many non-porous materials.
For maximum adhesive performance, prepare the contact surface by removing dirt, wax, soap, and oily films with a cleaning solvent
Typical uses are sign manufacture, Georgian bar bonding, door panel manufacture, metal fabrication, and architectural cladding.

Colours available: clear



For Abacus Agent use only

Polycloth tape

Waterproof cloth tape is coated with a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive, creating a good initial tack.  Hand tearable and displays good conformability to irregular surfaces.

Colours available: black white and silver

Sizes available: 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm, other sizes available on request



For Abacus Agent use only

Aluminium self-wound tape

This aluminium self-wound foil tape is a bright, soft temper aluminium foil, and the tape has a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive which gives it great adhesion.

The aluminium tape is suitable for protecting edge sealant on double glazed units, protecting and a moisture vapour sealing on the back of mirrors.

Colours available: aluminium

Sizes available: 19mm, 25mm30mm, 38mm, 50mm other sizes available on request



For Abacus Agent use only


Flashband can give an instant waterproof seal, even in damp conditions.  The seal is easy to apply and no specialist tool are required.  The tape had four layers of protection, lacquer, foil, membrane and bitumen adhesive, and easily moulds to contours. Flashband has long lasting protection.  

Colours available: Grey

Sizes available: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 225mm, 300mm, 450mm 600mm and comes in a 10m length


For Abacus Agent use only


Cheaper than lead and just as durable, tough and lasts a long time. Its made up of a synthetic, rubber based butyl sealant laminated to a lead look or white foil backing  

It can be used for flashing between conservatories, winter gardens, canopies, atriums, chimneys, and roofs.  It can also be used for repairing roofs and sealing leaks and gives good adhesion to a range of substrates including polycarbonate.

Colours available: Lead/white, white/white

Sizes available: 150mm x 1.5mm, 10m on a roll and 2 rolls in a box.

100mm x 1.5mm, 10m roll and 4 in a box



For Abacus Agent use only

Firetape Ceramic 15mm x 3mm (15m)

Firetape Ceramic is a specialised tape based on ceramic fibres which is supplied on single strand reels for use when glazing a wide variety of insulating and non-insulating fire resistant glass types into internal screens and doors manufactured from timber or steel. It has a special pressure sensitive contact adhesive which allows it to be repositioned before final fixing

Can provide 30 minute and in some cases 60 minute resistance to the passage of fire and smoke



For Abacus Agent use only